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Currently serving Lansdale, Hatfield, Souderton, Telford, and Franconia and Salford Townships.

Meet Steve Malagari

State Representative Steve Malagari was elected in 2018 to represent Pennsylvania’s 53rd Legislative District.

Born and raised in Lansdale along with his two siblings, Steve graduated from North Penn High School and Ursinus College. Steve went on to become one of the youngest council members on Lansdale Borough Council. As a council member and member of the Montgomery County Transportation Authority, Steve was focused on improving the local roads and bridges that residents rely on in their daily lives, and in community development projects.

As a Teamster and former local wholesale beverage seller, Steve is an impassioned advocate for working-class families.

Steve has a proven track record of fighting for working Pennsylvanians in Harrisburg, including standing up for unions and workers’ rights. He is committed to keep making bipartisan progress on health care, and committed to protecting and serving our seniors. 


His priorities for improving lives within the 53rd District include fighting for quality education, expanding infrastructure projects to repair neglected roadways, and standing up for local agriculture and environmental protections.


Steve lives with his wife, Rachel, blocks away from where he grew up in the district.


We can build a stronger, brighter Pennsylvania powered by all of us. Your voice matters and the best way to make your voice heard is to vote.


We have everything you'll need to vote by absentee, mail-in ballot or on election day for Steve!


The Democratic primary election is on June 2nd 2020.