Steve is working for us.

  • In his first term, his office delivered 8,367 services to constituents including unemployment assistance and small business inquiries

  • He reached out to over 2,400 seniors, hosted multiple events about Real ID and the Census, and helped 700 constituents obtain a SEPTA senior key card

  • In response to the pandemic, Steve introduced the Food Worker Safety Act (H.B. 2492) and a grant program for our PA wineries, distilleries and breweries (H.B. 2821)

  • Returned more than $8 million to our community, investing in education, the environment, and community projects such as sewer and stormwater infrastructure improvements

  • Introduced and sponsored over 500 pieces of legislation, including bills to strengthen workers’ rights and reduce property taxes


As a Teamster and former local wholesale beverage seller, Steve is an impassioned advocate for working-class families. In Harrisburg, Steve is fighting to:

1. Ensure that every Pennsylvanian has access to quality affordable health care

2. Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour

3. Expand certified technical and trade school educational options for every high school student, and post-high school apprenticeship programs for students who want to stay in Pennsylvania for their careers.

4. Guarantee a secure retirement

5. Invest in public transportation so no one is held back by not being able to get to their job.

6. Lower our dependence on property taxes.

7. Provide fair funding for our public schools and support educators and support professionals with fair wages and benefits


The roads and bridges that make our society function have been needlessly neglected. As of 2017, there were over 4,000 deficient bridges in Pennsylvania*.


As a member of Lansdale Borough Council and the Montgomery County Transportation Authority, Steve has played an integral role in roadway and infrastructure improvement projects throughout Montgomery County.  He is currently working on the completion of the 309 Connector, addressing stormwater issues, and coordinating other local projects on roads and bridges.


As a graduate of North Penn High School and the son of a public school teacher, Steve knows the importance of public education. As State Representative, Steve is fighting for:

  1. Fairly and equitably fund public schools without adding more burden to taxpayers

  2. Access to quality public education no matter where you live

  3. Ensure existing charter schools remain transparent with our tax dollars

  4. Support educators and support professionals with fair wages and benefits

Endorsed by: Pennsylvania State Education Association, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, and the Association of Pennsylvania State College & University Faculties


It is clear: the country is in a healthcare crisis. Steve believes quality; affordable health care should be a right, not a privilege.


As State Representative, Steve is fighting for:

  1. Bring down the cost of co-pays and prescription drugs

  2. Control the cost of care for small businesses so employers, big and small, can provide health care to their employees 

  3. Protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, so Pennsylvanians are never denied coverage, no matter what happens

  4. Protect Medicaid expansion because children and families deserve health insurance, regardless of income


Pennsylvania is a state of wide opportunity, but there is still work that needs to be done to be a state inclusive of all Pennsylvanians.


As State Representative, Steve is fighting for:

  1. Champion robust anti-discrimination laws to advance protections for all workers

  2. Oppose so-called "Right to Work" laws

  3. Work collaboratively with legislators to ensure that protections against harassment are strong, comprehensive, and just, statewide

  4. Work with the Pennsylvania LGBTQ Affairs Commission to ensure a safe and vibrant environment for LGBTQ Pennsylvanians

  5. Guarantee legal protections for gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation


Pennsylvanians have a right to clean water and clean air. As a legislator, one of Steve's first actions in office will be to reinstate the moratorium on new drilling leases in state forests and parks.


As State Representative, Steve will fight to:

  1. Fully fund and support Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection

  2. Work with legislators across the aisle to pass a severance tax on natural gas drilling so gas companies pay their fair share


As a gun owner, Steve knows the power of a firearm. But he also knows how much we need to protect our communities from gun violence. 


As State Representative, Steve is fighting to:

  1. Limit access to assault weapons, bump stocks, and high capacity magazines. 

  2. Keep guns out of schools  

  3. Support "lost and stolen’ legislation, which can deter gun trafficking and reduce a significant source of guns used in criminal shootings 

  4. Support Child Access Prevention laws that would require gun owners to store their weapons safely



Steve advocates for fair and open elections and supports a fair, bi-partisan redistricting process, including transparency and public input. 


As State Representative, Steve supports:

  1. Same-day registration, early voting, and no-questions-asked absentee ballots along with other key reforms that would ensure that voter registration is accessible to all eligible voters.

  2. Increases in accessibility should include increasing voter access by allowing curbside voting for people with disabilities.

  3. An independent commission to re-draw our Congressional and legislative districts to create better boundaries that make sense in Pennsylvania and will better represent and serve our constituents.


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